"Is the device compatible with an app?"

The Trio II P1 is not compatible with any mobile app.

"What meters is the device compatible with?"

The device is only compatible with meters that are DSMR 4 and above. If you are unsure whether your meter is compatible, please send your meter model / name to customerservices@geotogether.com so we can check for you. If your meter is not compatible then you would need to speak to your supplier to see if it can be replaced with an up to date model.

"My display isn’t showing any information"

If your display shows Waiting for data, this could be because your display is out of range and is not able to communicate with the smart meter. Try moving your display closer to the smart meter. You can check your signal strength by pressing the top button while on the home screen. This will show the signal strength to the meter in the top right (Meter) and a system status icon in the middle of the screen. If problems persist, please contact your supplier.

"System Status shows a Wi-Fi error"

The Wi-Fi module is an option on the Trio II and may have been supplied by your utility provider or network operator. When the System Status screen shows the Wi-Fi symbol in red or amber, then this means one of the following: 

• The display is out of range of the Wi-Fi network or it is not available - try moving closer to the access point or router. 

• The security details for the configured Wi-Fi network have changed since they were setup. 

• The display’s details have been actively blocked by the Wi-Fi network. 

• The display is running on batteries - the WiFi module does not function when running on batteries.  

"My display is blank or has switched itself off"

The display backlight may have turned itself off to save power, press the top button or touch the screen to switch it back on. This setting can be changed under the Settings. If you are using batteries to power the display the batteries may have gone flat. The battery icon will be shown when operating on battery power. The running time is 4 hours. Reconnect to the mains adaptor or replace the batteries. We recommend that the display is powered continuously using the power supply provided.

"How to I change my tariffs?"

Your tariffs can be changed via the Settings wizard (Settings > Advanced > Settings wizard)

"I have been sent a new meter transmitter, how do I connect it to my Trio II?"2

You can pair a new transmitter in the Meter transmitter page (Settings > Advanced > Meter transmitter)